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for Crom's sake, just ask me!!!!!!!!

q & a with cleisthenes!!!
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Cleisthenes is ready for your questions. Thousands of years of experience on this plane of reality makes Cleisthenes more than qualified to cater to your trivial human needs.

Advice also dispensed by Wife of Cleisthenes, Second String Wife of Cleisthenes, & Wife of Wife of Cleisthenes. Cleisthenes have many, many wives. WHO WILL BE NEXT TO JOIN MY HAREM OF WOMEN??
balloon animals, barn raising, bean bag houses, beard combing, bike riding, broken eardrums, brown tapwater, cabbage races, crapulence, cultural detritus, dendrophilia, double agents, fallen arches, fart powder, faulty colostomy bags, flying buttress, fried pineapple, frisbee chess, german herpes, grandmother punching, gregariousness, handsome women, happy buttocks, hubris, inter-special sleepovers, invisible pants, lawn maintenence, lazy eyes, listless nosepicking, magical shoes, mailorder brides, monkey geishas, mopery, mops, mr. snoot, neck beards, nice old ladies, octopus drummers, ouchless bandaids, plate tectonics, quadrasexuality, redneck slaves, refridgerated underpants, reverse dermatology, rigid conformity, scented hats, shifty eyed hooligans, skipping while going wee-wee, stem celibration, taupe, testicle biting, the cola wars, the festival of rape, the vulcan leglock, titty twisters, turd boxes, ugly children, vacuum tube computers, viking food, violent diarrhea, world hunger